A summer afternoon warms the bodies that stand at my door.
These guests beam as they welcome their hosts to make more of my home.

My bones are not warm today. The haze is not great.
And for a moment I am confounded as I am embraced

By blue jeans, blue eyeshadow, and a green sweater,
and the smell of a girl who’s artwork is better.

She came to me a long time ago
to show me to live in this picture show we call Life.

What can this be, this drawn-out squeeze?
From our long talk this hug doth spring?

I guess I give thanks, and your gesture is nice.
But there is no debate that I still feel hesitant to accept such a tight embrace.
I still feel hesitant to accept such a tight embrace.

The music - I felt the groove... we’re in the groove... etc.


from Make Things Right, released February 5, 2016
(Christopher Youmans - ASCAP)
Bass: Mark Strother
Drums: Adam Wilson
B-3 Organ: Kevin Wang
Guitar: Christopher Youmans
Trumpet: Austin Carango, Adam Aucoin
Tenor Saxophone: Colin Deas, Carson Quinn, Meiji Nguyen
Baritone saxophone: Colin Deas
Tambourine, Congas, Cowbell: Adam Wilson
Backup vocals: Christopher Youmans

Produced by Christopher Youmans. Assisted by Alex Spencer & Colin Deas.
All band arrangements by Christopher Youmans, Jeff Massanari, Colin Deas, Adam Wilson, Mark Strother, Kevin Wang.
Additional arranging credit: Donny Hathaway, and Gabriel Roth (Bosco Mann).
Horns arranged by Colin Deas and Christopher Youmans.
Tracks Recorded by Alex Spencer. Assisted by Chris Hughes.
Additional Programming by Alex Spencer.
Mixed by Alberto Hernandez.
Recorded at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA.
Back-up vocals recorded in Berkeley, CA.
Mixed at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.



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